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This Christmas season Kellogg’s have come out shouting in store with a series of iconic special packs of all the family favourites, that just pop on shelf; Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Coco Pops and Frosties, have all had a nostalgic festive make over.

A phenomenal TTL effort that screams mental and physical availability at it’s finest. The campaign mix sees a TV from the past and a social push – with a promotion offering consumers the chance to win a perosnalised pack delivered right to their door by simply tweeting their favourite thing about Christmas, using the hashtag #FestiveFlakes.

We cannot deny the power of this campaign which uses some of our favourite tactics – 360 integration, special pack, gifting, personalisation and even a promotion. It’s a win – win for shopper, brand and retailer.


DAD You’re Gr-r-reat

Last week, in the lead up to Father’s Day, Kellogg’s jumped on the personalisation band wagon with a special-edition pack where they boldly replaced the name of the product (Frosties) with DAD – stopping shoppers in their tracks.

Shoppers were then held by a mashing up of Frosties very own tag line with the occasion – ‘DAD’ You’re Gr-r-reat – and the deal was closed with the supporting price promotion.

That, dear friends, is an example of the STOP, HOLD, CLOSE principles; a good indication of a well-structured piece of shopper marketing, which put Frosties on the menu for dads across the nation.