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Cottonelle are really homing in on the functional benefit here.

Clear claim and RTB.




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Garnier BB Summer Skin

Garnier BB’s campaign, endorsed by Holly Willoughby, is based on a refreshingly relevant beauty insight about the natural look trumping a face full of make up  this summer.

With awareness around product benefits brought to life in ATL, we saw a well integrated campaign with the message reinforced through in-store activations. Garnier was able to differentiate from competitors at shelf with further education on how BB cream improves your skin’s appearance and even your morning routine.


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Andy Warhol x Absolut Vodka

We are no stranger to limited edition bottles by Absolut Vodka, in fact, they own the territory. But the Andy Warhol inspired bottle they’ve released this time around has shopper enthusiasts stopping, snapping, sharing and no doubt drinking vodka.

The bottle design has been inspired by his original painting which builds the aesthetic for a beautiful in-store narrative. In Asda, shoppers are stopped by the eye-catching FSDU, while the nostalgia of an Andy Warhol quote on the bottle holds them. The deal is of course then sealed by free Warhol inspired cocktail recipes – a must-have for all your artsy-craftsy drinking occasions.

We also spotted a slightly different strategy over in Sainsbury’s where they have incorporated a GWP (gift with purchase) – a limited addition Warhol cocktail shaker. Very (sm)art Absolut, very (sm)art.


photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 IMG_7928

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Persil X Comic Relief

Great use of a charity partnership to deliver shelf stand out. By simply changing the usually blue or green liquid cap to red, and putting a grin on the bottle, it elevates the product from being a boring laundry detergent to a trolley must-have for mums.

A smart, simple win from Persil.



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Pimms, Budweiser, Stella Artois and Lanson serve up some great POS

It’s Wimbledon season and a Tesco’s store in Wimbledon have gone all out with Stella Artois and Budweiser in-store activity, tennis ball champagne jackets from Lanson and heaps of Pimms bunting to be seen.

This level of creativity for shopper marketing is pretty impressive, but it’s made all the more so to be found in a small Tesco Express.

Come on Murray!

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Budweiser have the Golden Ticket … and Bottle

As part of Budweiser’s shiny new World Cup campaign how can you not notice and just HAVE TO BUY these limited edition Golden Budweiser bottles. The iconic trophy bottle is available to fans and beer drinkers alike in over 40 countries.


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Out with the old… in with the… old!

photo 1

When is NEW not the most powerful word in a freezer? When it’s OLD.  This made the team here chuckle!

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Recent visit to the south of France and we came across some great brand presence in an already busy aisle.

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Unilever Multibrands display

Multibrands Unilever display

Very clever way to promote 3 brands in 1 display!
Right at the entrance of the Carrefour store, this multibrand display gives a great opportunity for Unilever to communicate on the new packaging of its 3 brands: Monsavon, Rexona and Dove.
Monsavon, Rexona and Dove In order to promote their new packaging/format deodorant, Unilever

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A little eye catcher

99% of the time you can walk past the ‘energy drinks’ shelf without a second glance…. but this simple packaging from ‘Get More’ stood out far more than the rest!Photo 13-02-2014 13 40 07

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