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This one’s all the way from the USA but definitely worth a look…

Last Halloween, one ‘mom’ decided to paint a pumpkin teal blue to say that her house was a safe house for kids with food allergies to trick or treat at. It went viral.

Building on this momentum, Safeway created an engaging piece of POS in Illinois. Situated at front of store, shoppers were stopped in their tracks by the familiar teal pumpkins, complemented by education about food allergies and navigation to the confectionary aisle.

Once in aisle, gluten free and peanut free confectionary brands had come together on educational aisle fins, reminding the shoppers of the importance of safe trick or treating. Considering that the rate of peanut allergies have quadrupled since 1997, we couldn’t like this more!



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Connected Hozelock

At the weekend we spotted some great bespoke display work from Hozelock in Crickelwood’s B&Q. Hozelock’s utilised their iconic brand assets delivering key stopping power, as well as offering navigation via compartments for their SKU’s. We particularly liked how portable it was, allowing it to be moved around the store with ease.

And most cleverly, all clicks and locks connected seamlessly together just like the products themselves!

9/10 Hozelock!


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Candy Kittens

Brain child of McVites heir and star of Made in Chelsea ( a UK reality TV show), Jamie Laing’s Candy Kitten POS product displays work well in multiple pop up store locations across the UK, as well as in the Selfridge’s confectionery aisle last Summer.

The cat shaped FSDU offers a physical manifestation of the brand’s cat shaped logo, smart and sweet, teamed with a set of variant call-out FSDUs that offer coloured navigation of flavours for shopper ease.

This effective disruption has seen a brand seemingly conceived as a joke on a reality TV show has become the number-one confectionery range sold in Selfridges, and is now selling more than 7,000 bags a week in Waitrose.

Discovered on Instagram this shows that you can find in store inspiration from the comfort of your own phone.


candykittens3 candykittens2 candykittens1

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Our Gillette work spotted on French soil!

The brand new Gillette Body razor is currently showcased in Carrefour (France).

Check out the premier of our Gillette Body display 2.0 and aisle flag.

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Navigation in a Bed, Bath and beyond… State-side

Braun G2

Along with great product glorifiers, the price tag also shows the product packaging so that a shopper can easily find the necessary product if away from shelf.

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