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Spooky Tesco

In response to this year’s demonisation of sugar, Tesco cut confectionary from the checkout aisle. Alas! This Halloween they appear be to working even harder to get those  ££’s back through the tills.

With limited space in convenience, we discovered a jam-packed FSDU at front of store with colour-blocking stopping power using; purple aisle fins, shelf strips and header cards. All working to successfully glue shoppers’ eyes to delicious branded and OL treats on promotion.

Adjacent to the FSDU was a strategically placed spooky wobbly mirror, disrupting shoppers and engaging those selfie addicts – albeit mainly children –  that little bit longer.



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BIC – Back To School

Spotted over the weekend in J Sainsbury’s Hampton, a BIC in store 3D display, activating around the back to school period.  Leveraging the BIC brand colour and iconic school bus shape, this FSDU delivered great stopping power and stand out at front of store, along with a strong CTA instant win promotion ‘Win £10 every 10 mins.’


However, on closer inspection the promotion wasn’t clear and only ran on the Cristal range of pens (one of the many SKUs featured on the display). The stock lacklustre, especially in a competitive market as the front of store had bags of black biros on display also.


There was a lot of cardboard used for a few bags of black biros.


The display’s high visibility advantage could’ve been more relevant if sited in the uniform aisle.


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Schwartz owning the BBQ

With all that pressure to be the summer BBQ legend among your friends and family, why wouldn’t a CTA like ‘Flavour your way to the Perfect BBQ’ send the Schwartz range sailing through checkout?

We’re all guilty of pretending our flavours are homemade; but the ease and efficiency of the premix has been known to sway even the most dedicated chefs.

Schwartz has done a damn fine job to capitalise on this I’m-a-sucker-for-convenience attitude by strategically placing their FSDU by ASDA’s meat fridge, driving out of category visibility for the brand with a relevant adjacent range.


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‘Sweeet’ Promotion

Last year the ATL team at Grey London helped raise the McVitie’s core brands sales by 13% with the ‘sweeet’ campaign (view here). The social media chatter and PR coverage showed how much the people loved the ‘sweeet’ ads. They loved the cutsey kittens and wuvverly puppies so much so, they asked for them to be included in pack. So at Grey London and GreyShopper London we thought that it’d be ‘sweeet’ to give them what they wanted.

Therefore McVitie’s offered people a chance to win a fluffy plush version of one of the four animals from their ads. Covering the UK and Republic of Ireland, McVitie’s and GreyShoper London created a 1-in-10 packs win ratio to win one of the 3,521,819 plushs available.

GreyShopper London executed this via a variety of shopper activations; 6 sheets, FSDUs, gondola ends, aisle fins and shelf barkers to name a few.

One of our favourite in store activations was found on twitter via @RetailBarCode in a Simply Fresh in Kenilworth that really delivered on our ‘Stop, Hold, Close’ POS theory. A gondola end that stopped the shopper, the use of wobblers that helped hold the shopper and the feature of the plush toys themselves to truly help close the deal with shopper. This display really brought to life the plush promotion and the overall ‘sweeet’ campaign in store, 10/10 Simply Fresh.

photo 2

photo 2



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Andy Warhol x Absolut Vodka

We are no stranger to limited edition bottles by Absolut Vodka, in fact, they own the territory. But the Andy Warhol inspired bottle they’ve released this time around has shopper enthusiasts stopping, snapping, sharing and no doubt drinking vodka.

The bottle design has been inspired by his original painting which builds the aesthetic for a beautiful in-store narrative. In Asda, shoppers are stopped by the eye-catching FSDU, while the nostalgia of an Andy Warhol quote on the bottle holds them. The deal is of course then sealed by free Warhol inspired cocktail recipes – a must-have for all your artsy-craftsy drinking occasions.

We also spotted a slightly different strategy over in Sainsbury’s where they have incorporated a GWP (gift with purchase) – a limited addition Warhol cocktail shaker. Very (sm)art Absolut, very (sm)art.


photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 IMG_7928

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Vaseline Honeycomb

This FSDU display is bang on when it comes to stopping power and immediately tells the shopper what they are buying into. The cute honeycomb shape of the display and colour ways bring to life the ingredient used in this limited edition product . The giant branded tin on the top helps build association with a recognised and loved brand. There are also instructions for shoppers to reach inside should the front rows be empty – clever.

A super piece of POS which certainly got us all buzzing here!



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Candy Kittens

Brain child of McVites heir and star of Made in Chelsea ( a UK reality TV show), Jamie Laing’s Candy Kitten POS product displays work well in multiple pop up store locations across the UK, as well as in the Selfridge’s confectionery aisle last Summer.

The cat shaped FSDU offers a physical manifestation of the brand’s cat shaped logo, smart and sweet, teamed with a set of variant call-out FSDUs that offer coloured navigation of flavours for shopper ease.

This effective disruption has seen a brand seemingly conceived as a joke on a reality TV show has become the number-one confectionery range sold in Selfridges, and is now selling more than 7,000 bags a week in Waitrose.

Discovered on Instagram this shows that you can find in store inspiration from the comfort of your own phone.


candykittens3 candykittens2 candykittens1

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Our Gillette work spotted on French soil!

The brand new Gillette Body razor is currently showcased in Carrefour (France).

Check out the premier of our Gillette Body display 2.0 and aisle flag.

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Odd, better, best!

Here’s some examples to really show how you can make POS work hard for your brand and how you can make it hard work for shoppers to see your brand!

First, Bosch’s feature wall in Robert Dyas which leads with the call out, “What’s your project?”. This is a really useful piece in helping shoppers know which product they should be selecting for their desired (or demanded) project. A very good use of clear, easily understandable, educational POS.

Next was Hardy’s very hard working piece of promotional POS which ties in a nice, visible, clear competition application. Good!

And finally, Coca-Cola’s strange use of size! In a bid (possibly) to reflect Coke’s new, smaller 375ml bottle they’ve installed a really short display bin. Quite awkward to see and more likely to be tripped over than anything else.

photo 1photo 2 photo 3

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Budweiser have the Golden Ticket … and Bottle

As part of Budweiser’s shiny new World Cup campaign how can you not notice and just HAVE TO BUY these limited edition Golden Budweiser bottles. The iconic trophy bottle is available to fans and beer drinkers alike in over 40 countries.


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