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Odd, better, best!

Here’s some examples to really show how you can make POS work hard for your brand and how you can make it hard work for shoppers to see your brand!

First, Bosch’s feature wall in Robert Dyas which leads with the call out, “What’s your project?”. This is a really useful piece in helping shoppers know which product they should be selecting for their desired (or demanded) project. A very good use of clear, easily understandable, educational POS.

Next was Hardy’s very hard working piece of promotional POS which ties in a nice, visible, clear competition application. Good!

And finally, Coca-Cola’s strange use of size! In a bid (possibly) to reflect Coke’s new, smaller 375ml bottle they’ve installed a really short display bin. Quite awkward to see and more likely to be tripped over than anything else.

photo 1photo 2 photo 3

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Chanel Pop Up – A slice of luxury

Selfridges_Chanel Stand_June 2014

Browsing in Selfridge’s (London) Chanel Pop up Stand:

  • 3 separate sets of make-up presented to achieve the perfect looks (shame there wasn’t a multi buy 😉 )
  • An interactive IPad – to discover the range, the looks and more
  • Set up in the ‘Women’s street Fashion’ area so more accessible whilst browsing the likes of Topshop – but I believe you still had to go to the beauty and make up area of the store to buy anything.

Great visit, topped off with their current ‘Beauty Project’ which lead to a Rio carnival style experiential dancing through the beauty hall!


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Unilever Multibrands display

Multibrands Unilever display

Very clever way to promote 3 brands in 1 display!
Right at the entrance of the Carrefour store, this multibrand display gives a great opportunity for Unilever to communicate on the new packaging of its 3 brands: Monsavon, Rexona and Dove.
Monsavon, Rexona and Dove In order to promote their new packaging/format deodorant, Unilever

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Navigation in a Bed, Bath and beyond… State-side

Braun G2

Along with great product glorifiers, the price tag also shows the product packaging so that a shopper can easily find the necessary product if away from shelf.

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The Bakery Project, Tesco

photo 2(1)

Clever Puns.

photo 4

Nestled away at the back of Tesco, Hackney is Tesco’s ‘The Bakery Project’, the idea here is to encourage home baking as well as the training apprentice bakers and support of local suppliers and charities.

photo 5

The feel and layout are reminiscent of an independent bakery and there’s also an opportunity to try before you buy.

photo 5(1)

Baking recipes line the walls which customers can tear off and take home, a great idea that will get people baking and encourage shoppers to purchase the list of ingredients in-store.

photo 3(1)

Alternatively shoppers can browse through a catalogue of cakes which aren’t on display and can be readily ordered from this touchscreen panel.

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Discover Your Remedy


Discover your remedy at Richmond’s Whole Foods Market with this touch screen & pullout POS stand. Draws the shopper in and it’s simplicity allows for easy answering of any related questions if staff members aren’t present.

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