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Tiny Video Content Tags

Video beats images online, so it was interesting to see this being used on POS and promoted in Campaign.


It looks brilliantly simple; attach the tag to your product, and when opened a teeny 2.4″ screen plays whatever content you need.

When it comes to more complex products, or for an engaging promotion this could be a great way to add interest and push to close the shopper.

The barrier of course is in people knowing it’s there!

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Pimms, Budweiser, Stella Artois and Lanson serve up some great POS

It’s Wimbledon season and a Tesco’s store in Wimbledon have gone all out with Stella Artois and Budweiser in-store activity, tennis ball champagne jackets from Lanson and heaps of Pimms bunting to be seen.

This level of creativity for shopper marketing is pretty impressive, but it’s made all the more so to be found in a small Tesco Express.

Come on Murray!

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Budweiser have the Golden Ticket … and Bottle

As part of Budweiser’s shiny new World Cup campaign how can you not notice and just HAVE TO BUY these limited edition Golden Budweiser bottles. The iconic trophy bottle is available to fans and beer drinkers alike in over 40 countries.


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Selfridges and Sony World Cup Fever



Walking around Selfridges London it was clear to see they had gone all out with their impressive World Cup display.Throughout the section their was :

  • World Cup trophy replicas
  • Corner Flags
  • Life Size goals
  • Authentic 3G Turf

The display located in the electronics section created an exciting consumer experience and created a buzz about the SONY products that were displayed alongside it.

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Fun in the Freezer Aisle

photo 4

‘Cook’  luxury freezer meals in convenience (Budgens) – looks great and clearly lands frozen around convenience missions.

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Convenience… That’s what it’s about!


Branded promotional shipper unit for convenience FOS display.  Get those giant crisp bags under control!

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Stackable crisps POS every retailers heaven!

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