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Lurpak sampling campaign in Waterloo station

This morning, Lurpak was giving out Orange & Cardamom shortbread in Waterloo station.

The sample looks great, tastes amazing but we’re missing something.

What is the call to action here? What is the next step?

In order to drive even more awareness to the product range and product purchase, we would recommend extra information on the product range or a coupon inside the sample.


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The Bakery Project, Tesco

photo 2(1)

Clever Puns.

photo 4

Nestled away at the back of Tesco, Hackney is Tesco’s ‘The Bakery Project’, the idea here is to encourage home baking as well as the training apprentice bakers and support of local suppliers and charities.

photo 5

The feel and layout are reminiscent of an independent bakery and there’s also an opportunity to try before you buy.

photo 5(1)

Baking recipes line the walls which customers can tear off and take home, a great idea that will get people baking and encourage shoppers to purchase the list of ingredients in-store.

photo 3(1)

Alternatively shoppers can browse through a catalogue of cakes which aren’t on display and can be readily ordered from this touchscreen panel.

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