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ASDA Halloween

It’s no secret gamification does wonders in engaging millennials. Jumping on this, ASDA have created a visually stunning immersive Halloween world, where using gamification mechanics they make sure shoppers will be tapping out their pockets.

A quick glance and our eyes stop at the full length floor sticker. Do we dare to accept the challenge? Do we love games? Surely, the kids will and while they are held up playing, mum can stroll down all the spooks. Deeper down the deal is sealed with monster headers that jump out at you, green shelf trays, and a large array of OL and branded goodies for all.

We love it because it creates a store within a store and like it or not immerses you and your £’s in it. With such visually stunning creative, it’s too bad they didn’t use gamification elements such as feedback and leader boards to further engage shoppers.



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Schwartz owning the BBQ

With all that pressure to be the summer BBQ legend among your friends and family, why wouldn’t a CTA like ‘Flavour your way to the Perfect BBQ’ send the Schwartz range sailing through checkout?

We’re all guilty of pretending our flavours are homemade; but the ease and efficiency of the premix has been known to sway even the most dedicated chefs.

Schwartz has done a damn fine job to capitalise on this I’m-a-sucker-for-convenience attitude by strategically placing their FSDU by ASDA’s meat fridge, driving out of category visibility for the brand with a relevant adjacent range.


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Andy Warhol x Absolut Vodka

We are no stranger to limited edition bottles by Absolut Vodka, in fact, they own the territory. But the Andy Warhol inspired bottle they’ve released this time around has shopper enthusiasts stopping, snapping, sharing and no doubt drinking vodka.

The bottle design has been inspired by his original painting which builds the aesthetic for a beautiful in-store narrative. In Asda, shoppers are stopped by the eye-catching FSDU, while the nostalgia of an Andy Warhol quote on the bottle holds them. The deal is of course then sealed by free Warhol inspired cocktail recipes – a must-have for all your artsy-craftsy drinking occasions.

We also spotted a slightly different strategy over in Sainsbury’s where they have incorporated a GWP (gift with purchase) – a limited addition Warhol cocktail shaker. Very (sm)art Absolut, very (sm)art.


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Perfect Partnership


More examples of clever and convenient product adjacencies in the beers and spirits aisle!

(Click images to enlarge)

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Schwartz Christmas Dinner FSDU


Schwartz ‘Christmas Dinner’ FSDU in ASDA, all the sauces and seasonings you need for a Christmas feast and a great way to encourage the shopper to purchase different Schwartz products when they normally wouldn’t!

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