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Schwartz owning the BBQ

With all that pressure to be the summer BBQ legend among your friends and family, why wouldn’t a CTA like ‘Flavour your way to the Perfect BBQ’ send the Schwartz range sailing through checkout?

We’re all guilty of pretending our flavours are homemade; but the ease and efficiency of the premix has been known to sway even the most dedicated chefs.

Schwartz has done a damn fine job to capitalise on this I’m-a-sucker-for-convenience attitude by strategically placing their FSDU by ASDA’s meat fridge, driving out of category visibility for the brand with a relevant adjacent range.


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Perfect Partnership


More examples of clever and convenient product adjacencies in the beers and spirits aisle!

(Click images to enlarge)

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Down Under


Priceline Pharmacy utilizing all space instore! Great positioning of brand linked to shelf category products.

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