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Tangible outcomes? Welcome to Shopper Marketing….

It was interesting to read this today, about how too few marketing activities are measured on actual results…not brand love, not eyes on messages, not the ever vague ‘interactions’, but sales.

Those of you working in Shopper Marketing will likely be reading this like we did, with a sigh of relief…welcome to our world!

We continually question case studies seen online with ‘how many products did it sell?’. All too often these figures are missing as agencies and clients don’t measure their campaigns on this basis, preferring to judge effectiveness on softer measures.

We know that you often need hardworking shopper and/or activation (true activation that delivers a consumer/shopper action, not just an experience) to make all your other communication efforts worthwhile.

Some of our most effective work, McVities Sweeet, Lucozade Find Your Flow, has been a success because of the integration of Shopper and Activation insights and measures into the core campaign and not treated as a trade after thought.

So yes, thanks Lawrence for signalling the need to bridge the brand/shopper/trade gap. You’re speaking our language.

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Of all the wonderful ideas agencies have, not everything can always become a reality. Happily this one did!

What started as a ludicrously unachievable idea put on the table in a brainstorm, today arrives on London’s Southbank for 3 days.

Behold! The world’s first mini Mexican restaurant – celebrating the launch of Old El Paso’s new mini tacos – invites you to stop by and enjoy the taste of Mexico on a tiny scale. It features the delights of mini waiters, mini dishes and (of course) a mini mariachi band. Plus, news that is music to every Londoner’s ears… it’s FREE.

It’s right outside the ITV studios near Waterloo.

Tomorrow 11.30am-7pm and Saturday 11.30am-5pm.
Get yourselves down there.
Bring your kids.
Take a selfie.
Eat some tiny tacos.
Tell the world.




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