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Tiny Video Content Tags

Video beats images online, so it was interesting to see this being used on POS and promoted in Campaign.


It looks brilliantly simple; attach the tag to your product, and when opened a teeny 2.4″ screen plays whatever content you need.

When it comes to more complex products, or for an engaging promotion this could be a great way to add interest and push to close the shopper.

The barrier of course is in people knowing it’s there!

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Shopping for new tech with tech

Echochamber have long been a personal source of inspiration for anyone working in the retail and shopper space, showcasing the very best in imaginative retail.

In the hard-working (dirty?) world of FMCG Shopper Marketing it’s not often that we get to leverage any of the inspiring ways to shop that non-FMCG retailers have at their fingertips, but it’s good to be clued up and aware of what’s happening – it’s a fertile testing ground and the good stuff filters through when you work with brave clients with the right brand for the right tech.

Aside from a little fandom, this example from Target Open House (Chicago), is a great example of helping shoppers get to grips with connected devices, using connected devices instore to provide product demonstrations with incredibly straight forward and approachable explanations.


Those of you in the UK can experience a lower tech (but still interesting) equivalent from John Lewis in their Smart Home. Be careful not to take your wallet with you because you could spend serious money with all the temptation on offer…which of course is the point. My personal favourite was the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator which amongst other things shows you what’s in your fridge, how long it will last and enable you to add it straight to your online shopping list. In this space, the tech is allowed to tell it’s own story with printed collateral to explain it’s benefit and let the innovations stand out on their own.


This is all music to our ears – the more technologically comfortable our shoppers become, the more we’ll know about their technological needs, the more retailers will invest in the right tech, and the more brands will be able to make use of it on the path to purchase.



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Tesco PayQwik takes off Nationwide


It looks like it’s been working for them so they’re rolling it out. Payment on mobile is becoming second nature to many these days, so it’s no surprise that Tesco have done well with this especially with the £400 limit to keep those ‘big shops’ coming in.

Do I really want a separate app for separate shops? I’m not personally sure, and only time will tell when other customers jump on board.

Loyalty cards may be flagging, but for now mobile is booming. Check it out here.

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