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Go Splash

Go Splash

Hot on the heels of the Robinsons Squash’d launch, Go Splash a new brand was spotted in Boots by the chiller cabinet and placed right by the bottled water. Available in 5 flavours, including “energy” and “low calorie” varieties there was plenty of choice for all. Each bottle provides up to 30 glasses of squash. (Vs. 20 glasses from its competitor Robinsons)

However, it seems you really are paying for convenience as it costs £2.99 a go!

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A free sticker?

photo 3

Relentless ‘free sticker’? Really? Interestingly the wobbler hides loads of competitor product in the fridge.

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Coke Pick and Mix?


Enjoying this permanent fixture from the USA, great way to allow you to personalise your shop according to your favs!

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A little eye catcher

99% of the time you can walk past the ‘energy drinks’ shelf without a second glance…. but this simple packaging from ‘Get More’ stood out far more than the rest!Photo 13-02-2014 13 40 07

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