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John Lewis and Sainburys have both activated some pretty snazzy 360 Christmas campaigns this year with a CSR focus.

Using the campaign assets we loved how the Mog TV translated in store. With little Mog foot prints strategically placed at the entrance of Sainbury’s stores guiding you to a display full of Mog cuddly toys and story books. With every purchase a donation will go to ‘Save the Children’ raising funds for child literacy. We all know that pulling at the heart strings is very effective during the holiday period, an opportunity that any good-will shopper won’t be able to refuse. 

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This Christmas season Kellogg’s have come out shouting in store with a series of iconic special packs of all the family favourites, that just pop on shelf; Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Coco Pops and Frosties, have all had a nostalgic festive make over.

A phenomenal TTL effort that screams mental and physical availability at it’s finest. The campaign mix sees a TV from the past and a social push – with a promotion offering consumers the chance to win a perosnalised pack delivered right to their door by simply tweeting their favourite thing about Christmas, using the hashtag #FestiveFlakes.

We cannot deny the power of this campaign which uses some of our favourite tactics – 360 integration, special pack, gifting, personalisation and even a promotion. It’s a win – win for shopper, brand and retailer.



BOOM! It’s Bailey’s time of year, with 66% of their total annual sales made during the Oct – Dec there’s no surprise that they’re activating BIG this season. We’ve pulled out 3 of their activations that gain stand-out for both their customer – shoppers and trade.

Ltd NPD – During Christmas shoppers look to trade-up to those accessible luxury products. Tapping into this insight Bailey’s have bought  back the Chocolate Luxe Bailey’s, wrapped in gold it’s sure to be a festive fav.

Gifting FSDU – The Christmas retail environment is crazy and gaining cut through in store can be trixy. Tapping into the shopper gifting mindset Bailey’s have kept it simple yet effective with display unit that communicates nothing less than ‘Gift Baileys’ with a simple gold bow. Nice!

Trade Communications – Within Shopper it’s not just about the big supermarkets but also about the impulse and convenience channels which is were it’s especially important to engage with the trade and where else better to do this than in Wholesale. Baileys are doing well here to push their dedicated counter top unit by leading with a business benefit message – now that’ll get those sales.


Schwartz Christmas Dinner FSDU


Schwartz ‘Christmas Dinner’ FSDU in ASDA, all the sauces and seasonings you need for a Christmas feast and a great way to encourage the shopper to purchase different Schwartz products when they normally wouldn’t!

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Festive Febreze FSDU


Christmas gift themed FSDU in Tesco holding both Febreze and Ambi Pur products, most notably Febeze’s Holiday & Fall editions.

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Selfridge’s gift wrapping service.


Selfridge’s Elfridges will advise you on which gifts to buy, help you create a personalised card and let you chose bespoke gift wrapping, all for a small price of course! A great idea guaranteed ease the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping as all components of the perfect gift are within the shopper’s grasp in one condense location.


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Find The Perfect Gift For Him


L’oreal Men Expert leveraging Christmas with a ‘Find the perfect gift for him’ branded FSDU showcasing a range of their products with its end of aisle position making it quick and easy for shoppers to take advantage of this 3 for 2 promotion!

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Christmas Gift Boxes

photo 1

As the Christmas Season draws nearer gift boxes are taking centre stage at Boots on Oxford Street. Great positioning at the store entrance for these “Better than 1/2” stocking fillers!

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Striking Selection Boxes

East london 062

As we near Christmas chocolate selection boxes are taking centre stage in retailers confectionary aisles, a neat and striking POS display although disrupted by the purple Hero’s boxes, perhaps a separate display is in order!Se

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Ghosts, Ghouls and Gondolas

Halloween is just around the corner and over past couple of weeks retailers around the U.K have been pushing sales of all things ghastly and ghoul-like in order to cash in on October’s annual fright fest, here’s a few examples of what’s been happening in store.


Sainsbury’s had a particularly striking Halloween themed entrance display this year, complete with fancy dress clothes rails!

photo 1(1)

Morrison’s over head flags could be seen several aisles away, pointing the customer in the right direction.


Brands such as McVitie’s and Haribo are also getting a makeover with limited edition product designs and SRP and special share boxes designed for trick or treating.

photo 4

Halloween trick or treat Gondola in M&S, oddly positioned back to back with a Christmas in-store promotion….stealing Halloween’s thunder?

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