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Tiny Video Content Tags

Video beats images online, so it was interesting to see this being used on POS and promoted in Campaign.


It looks brilliantly simple; attach the tag to your product, and when opened a teeny 2.4″ screen plays whatever content you need.

When it comes to more complex products, or for an engaging promotion this could be a great way to add interest and push to close the shopper.

The barrier of course is in people knowing it’s there!

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Nivea helping the shopper to make their choice

Here’s a great bit of interactive education from Nivea that we spotted  in Boots.

The Spinning Wheel takes up minimal space and provides a genuine chance to help shoppers make an informed choice which will give them most benefit – tying that shopper closer to the brand.

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Meal Deal FSDU

Meal Deal FSDU (2)

FSDU in Tesco promoting their take on the renowned ‘Meal Deal’, although positioned awkwardly at the end of an aisle, perhaps there isn’t enough room in this convenience store for extra displays!

Meal Deal FSDU (1)

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Festive Febreze FSDU


Christmas gift themed FSDU in Tesco holding both Febreze and Ambi Pur products, most notably Febeze’s Holiday & Fall editions.

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Mince Pies & Mulled Wine

Sainsburys try before you buy

Try some of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference mulled wine and mince pies…


….and while the taste lingers on your taste buds shoppers are confronted with mulled wine and mince pies FSDU. From the lack of stock the evidence is clear these stalls go well together, although oddly both positioned by the cold food aisle.

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Good Mornings Follow A Good Nytol

photo 3(3)

Nytol’s Herbal Tables and Anti-Snoring products can be seen on this special display in Boots, its centrality within the aisle and symmetrical design is sure to grab the shoppers attention and who can resist a Boots 3 for 2 offer!

photo 5(2)

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Dom Pérignon 3-D POS


Not only does this Dom Pérignon display feature an array of pricey bottles of champagne, but that book you see is actually a touchscreen panel which allows the shopper to browse its pages with the wave of a hand, and wait for it, the screen above it is actually behind a parallax barrier projecting 3-d visuals without the glasses!


Could this be the most technologically rich piece of POS to date?

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Furby Display


A Furby display in Selfriges, the large Furby design at the top of the pillar makes the product recognisable from a great distance. Using a pillar as a shelving unit is a great way to maximise a stores capacity to hold products in shops with minimal space.

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Find The Perfect Gift For Him


L’oreal Men Expert leveraging Christmas with a ‘Find the perfect gift for him’ branded FSDU showcasing a range of their products with its end of aisle position making it quick and easy for shoppers to take advantage of this 3 for 2 promotion!

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Free Phone!


Vodafone gifting FSDU working hard at counter in Argos, ‘Free phone’ is always going to draw the shopper’s gaze!

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