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ASDA Halloween

It’s no secret gamification does wonders in engaging millennials. Jumping on this, ASDA have created a visually stunning immersive Halloween world, where using gamification mechanics they make sure shoppers will be tapping out their pockets.

A quick glance and our eyes stop at the full length floor sticker. Do we dare to accept the challenge? Do we love games? Surely, the kids will and while they are held up playing, mum can stroll down all the spooks. Deeper down the deal is sealed with monster headers that jump out at you, green shelf trays, and a large array of OL and branded goodies for all.

We love it because it creates a store within a store and like it or not immerses you and your £’s in it. With such visually stunning creative, it’s too bad they didn’t use gamification elements such as feedback and leader boards to further engage shoppers.



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M&S and Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day partnership between M&S and Pearl & Dean was a nice idea, offering an experience through a ‘buy one get one free’ promotion on tickets to the cinema when you spend £20 in store.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a good way to hang out in silence, but according to a hot PR stat, 68% of us agree that cinema is an exceptional way to spend time with loved ones.

However, we’re not sure that teaming up with ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ film was the right way to counteract the old-lady-shop brand association. You’d think that when the food on your shelves is out-cooling the clothes on the racks, the brand team might have worked a bit harder in attracting an audience that’s not dying out (sorry).

Either way M&S were the only big supermarket to offer up something a little extra alongside chocolates and flowers this Mother’s Day so we salute you.


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