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Tiny Video Content Tags

Video beats images online, so it was interesting to see this being used on POS and promoted in Campaign.


It looks brilliantly simple; attach the tag to your product, and when opened a teeny 2.4″ screen plays whatever content you need.

When it comes to more complex products, or for an engaging promotion this could be a great way to add interest and push to close the shopper.

The barrier of course is in people knowing it’s there!

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Tesco PayQwik takes off Nationwide


It looks like it’s been working for them so they’re rolling it out. Payment on mobile is becoming second nature to many these days, so it’s no surprise that Tesco have done well with this especially with the £400 limit to keep those ‘big shops’ coming in.

Do I really want a separate app for separate shops? I’m not personally sure, and only time will tell when other customers jump on board.

Loyalty cards may be flagging, but for now mobile is booming. Check it out here.

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Dom Pérignon 3-D POS


Not only does this Dom Pérignon display feature an array of pricey bottles of champagne, but that book you see is actually a touchscreen panel which allows the shopper to browse its pages with the wave of a hand, and wait for it, the screen above it is actually behind a parallax barrier projecting 3-d visuals without the glasses!


Could this be the most technologically rich piece of POS to date?

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Selfridge’s gift wrapping service.


Selfridge’s Elfridges will advise you on which gifts to buy, help you create a personalised card and let you chose bespoke gift wrapping, all for a small price of course! A great idea guaranteed ease the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping as all components of the perfect gift are within the shopper’s grasp in one condense location.


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The Bakery Project, Tesco

photo 2(1)

Clever Puns.

photo 4

Nestled away at the back of Tesco, Hackney is Tesco’s ‘The Bakery Project’, the idea here is to encourage home baking as well as the training apprentice bakers and support of local suppliers and charities.

photo 5

The feel and layout are reminiscent of an independent bakery and there’s also an opportunity to try before you buy.

photo 5(1)

Baking recipes line the walls which customers can tear off and take home, a great idea that will get people baking and encourage shoppers to purchase the list of ingredients in-store.

photo 3(1)

Alternatively shoppers can browse through a catalogue of cakes which aren’t on display and can be readily ordered from this touchscreen panel.

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Water Vapour Cooled Veg Display


The veg counter in Morrisons has had a revamp, carrots and cabbage are now kept cool as they are sprayed with water vapour. Beneficial for the products or a visual gimmick?

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Shopper Interaction At Richmond Whole Foods


Bottle your own wine!


Grind your own nut butter!

These sources of shopper interactivity offer an element customer satisfaction, you’re not just buying some peanut butter, you’re part of the production process! Sure to get people talking.

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Test The Lynx Effect


Try the new Lynx Peace before you buy in Boots with this sample spray button. Interactive POS is a great way to attract shopper attention and is essential when marketing any scented product!

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It’s All About The Experience

The flagship stores of Oxford Street, London are a great place to find first hand examples innovation to encourage engagement and interaction between Shopper and brand in a bid to enhance the consumer’s shopping experience.

Here are a few of my favourites:

NikeID – Nike Town, Oxford Street, London

Oxford Street 018

Take a seat on one of Nike’s luxurious sofas and wait to be guided through the ultimate trainer customisation experience. Here trainers can be tailored to suit any style as you personalise up to 31 different details from materials to colour to the precise height of the sole.

Design Your Own T-shirt – Topman, Oxford Street, London

Oxford Street 046

Design your own garments on swanky touchscreen panels and have them printed in 5 minutes!

In Store Barber Shop – Topman, Oxford Street, London

Oxford Street 012

Topman sell everything from suits to sunglasses and now you can complete the look with the Oxford Street branches in store barber. Perfect for impromptu hair cuts but sure to get shoppers talking.

Personal Shopping Experience – Topman, Oxford Street, London

Oxford Street 047

Want to be guided around the store for 30 minutes, an hour or even two (if you’re feeling really in doubt of your dress sense) then try Topman’s personal shopping experience. A nice touch, but perhaps a little gimmicky for this kind of retail store.

Guest Speakers, The Apple Store, Regent Street, London

Oxford Street 029Oxford Street 060

Apple invites consumers sit in (for free) on talks by guest speakers including professionals from various industries (Simon’s Cat illustrator as seen above) to specialist tutorials on apple software such as iMovie. Great that it’s free, shows the brand cares about the customer.

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