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Cottonelle are really homing in on the functional benefit here.

Clear claim and RTB.




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Persil X Comic Relief

Great use of a charity partnership to deliver shelf stand out. By simply changing the usually blue or green liquid cap to red, and putting a grin on the bottle, it elevates the product from being a boring laundry detergent to a trolley must-have for mums.

A smart, simple win from Persil.



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Holland and Barretts we salute you!

One thing we do enjoy as an agency – the improvement of a shopping experience.  And H&B is on top form with their new store design!

photo 4

From the new ‘Scent Station’ – clear, organised and easy to navigate…

photo 2

To select and create your own Oils and Vinegars – personalisation is key here!

photo 4

Through to a market place to select your own dried fruit an nuts!

The experience overall is massively improved from the standard shop.  H&B offer category education, interactive displays that aid navigation for those niche and sometimes high priced items.

We do question the impact on the look and feel of H&B as a brand and the value of the revamp against how/if sales increase but time will tell!

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