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Coca Cola T-shirt giveaway

Hot on the current trend of tweet-activated vending machines, Coca Cola set up camp in Victoria Station to continue its masterbrand push. With ambassadors manning the installation, people of the public walked away a branded t-shirt heavier after tweeting about their favourite Coke, using the promotional hash tag.

With the hustle and bustle of Victoria Station, the activation gave the brand a nice amount of visibility and traffic.


CocaCola2 CocaCola1

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Knorr meat counter takeover inspires shoppers with images of potential end-dishes, instead of just staring at raw meat. Good example of out-of-aisle placement to drive consumption, introducing mealtime solutions and taste appeal into an otherwise unattractive (and smelly) fixture.




DAD You’re Gr-r-reat

Last week, in the lead up to Father’s Day, Kellogg’s jumped on the personalisation band wagon with a special-edition pack where they boldly replaced the name of the product (Frosties) with DAD – stopping shoppers in their tracks.

Shoppers were then held by a mashing up of Frosties very own tag line with the occasion – ‘DAD’ You’re Gr-r-reat – and the deal was closed with the supporting price promotion.

That, dear friends, is an example of the STOP, HOLD, CLOSE principles; a good indication of a well-structured piece of shopper marketing, which put Frosties on the menu for dads across the nation.



Schwartz owning the BBQ

With all that pressure to be the summer BBQ legend among your friends and family, why wouldn’t a CTA like ‘Flavour your way to the Perfect BBQ’ send the Schwartz range sailing through checkout?

We’re all guilty of pretending our flavours are homemade; but the ease and efficiency of the premix has been known to sway even the most dedicated chefs.

Schwartz has done a damn fine job to capitalise on this I’m-a-sucker-for-convenience attitude by strategically placing their FSDU by ASDA’s meat fridge, driving out of category visibility for the brand with a relevant adjacent range.


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Sainsbury’s Online x Valentine’s Day

With the UK workforce spending a weekly average of 43 hours in the office, it’s hardly surprising that non-romantics use it as an excuse for not spoiling their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to Sainsbury’s Online, your lover can no longer let you down. The acute reminders and helpful prompts mean baskets can be effortlessly populated with ingredients to suit romantic-night-in types or those who prefer the classic breakfast in bed. We like this smart, simple, basket filling shopping from Sainsbury’s Online.


meal suggestions image

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Persil X Comic Relief

Great use of a charity partnership to deliver shelf stand out. By simply changing the usually blue or green liquid cap to red, and putting a grin on the bottle, it elevates the product from being a boring laundry detergent to a trolley must-have for mums.

A smart, simple win from Persil.



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Clever Clover

Some very cool POS spotted here in Tesco including; a 3D floor sticker, aisle fins and a shelf edge strip – all conspiring to form a part-takeover of the dairy aisle.

Clover’s shopper campaign revolves around keeping families healthy and happy for two key months over summer. It includes an instant win on-pack promotion exclusive to Tesco giving consumers the chance to win family fun prizes.


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Odd, better, best!

Here’s some examples to really show how you can make POS work hard for your brand and how you can make it hard work for shoppers to see your brand!

First, Bosch’s feature wall in Robert Dyas which leads with the call out, “What’s your project?”. This is a really useful piece in helping shoppers know which product they should be selecting for their desired (or demanded) project. A very good use of clear, easily understandable, educational POS.

Next was Hardy’s very hard working piece of promotional POS which ties in a nice, visible, clear competition application. Good!

And finally, Coca-Cola’s strange use of size! In a bid (possibly) to reflect Coke’s new, smaller 375ml bottle they’ve installed a really short display bin. Quite awkward to see and more likely to be tripped over than anything else.

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Nivea helping the shopper to make their choice

Here’s a great bit of interactive education from Nivea that we spotted  in Boots.

The Spinning Wheel takes up minimal space and provides a genuine chance to help shoppers make an informed choice which will give them most benefit – tying that shopper closer to the brand.

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This is not a poster…


It’s actual product crammed into a bus shelter adshell… own brand and branded.

Definitely disruptive on route!

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