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Nivea helping the shopper to make their choice

Here’s a great bit of interactive education from Nivea that we spotted  in Boots.

The Spinning Wheel takes up minimal space and provides a genuine chance to help shoppers make an informed choice which will give them most benefit – tying that shopper closer to the brand.

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Location, Location, Location

photo 4

Great Rimmel Display! Product displayed beautifully, hero product – mascara on the front.

photo 1

Take away leaflet – for how to get the look!

What’s a shame here is the displays placement – squeezed in-between two permanent displays you miss the designed side panels that help carry the campaign theme.  Thought: Space is of the essence in London so it’s an easy compromise to make and ensure the product is in the right place!


The Bakery Project, Tesco

photo 2(1)

Clever Puns.

photo 4

Nestled away at the back of Tesco, Hackney is Tesco’s ‘The Bakery Project’, the idea here is to encourage home baking as well as the training apprentice bakers and support of local suppliers and charities.

photo 5

The feel and layout are reminiscent of an independent bakery and there’s also an opportunity to try before you buy.

photo 5(1)

Baking recipes line the walls which customers can tear off and take home, a great idea that will get people baking and encourage shoppers to purchase the list of ingredients in-store.

photo 3(1)

Alternatively shoppers can browse through a catalogue of cakes which aren’t on display and can be readily ordered from this touchscreen panel.

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Shopper Interaction At Richmond Whole Foods


Bottle your own wine!


Grind your own nut butter!

These sources of shopper interactivity offer an element customer satisfaction, you’re not just buying some peanut butter, you’re part of the production process! Sure to get people talking.

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An Education In Shaving


This display shows clear diagrams and descriptive examples showing the multiple uses of the new Philips Click & Style electric razor. A convenient piece of educational POS which illustrates the key features of the product without the shopper having to even pick up the box.

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Meet Your Producer




Plaques on the shelves and flags above the aisles provide information on the creators of niche products available at Richmond Whole Foods Market. This keeps with the their organic led positioning and their support of locally sourced produce and fair trade ethics.

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Discover Your Remedy


Discover your remedy at Richmond’s Whole Foods Market with this touch screen & pullout POS stand. Draws the shopper in and it’s simplicity allows for easy answering of any related questions if staff members aren’t present.

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Educational Flag At Cafe Nero

cafe nero_video

Educational shelf panel with a digital screen reinforcing the authenticity of the produce and reminding the customer of the company’s Italian heritage, a nice touch.

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