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Candy Kittens

Brain child of McVites heir and star of Made in Chelsea ( a UK reality TV show), Jamie Laing’s Candy Kitten POS product displays work well in multiple pop up store locations across the UK, as well as in the Selfridge’s confectionery aisle last Summer.

The cat shaped FSDU offers a physical manifestation of the brand’s cat shaped logo, smart and sweet, teamed with a set of variant call-out FSDUs that offer coloured navigation of flavours for shopper ease.

This effective disruption has seen a brand seemingly conceived as a joke on a reality TV show has become the number-one confectionery range sold in Selfridges, and is now selling more than 7,000 bags a week in Waitrose.

Discovered on Instagram this shows that you can find in store inspiration from the comfort of your own phone.


candykittens3 candykittens2 candykittens1

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Ferrero Rocher do sampling properly

Ferrero have won gold with their latest sampling exploits. Tying together their brilliant, metallic gold in-store displays, a sampling campaign has been deployed in supermarket entrances across the UK in the lead up to the holiday season.

The team themselves were excellent and after giving samples, discussing the product and generally being nice, ushered people inside, giving them exact detail on where to find the chocolates which were on promotion in store.


2014-11-29 10.07.20   2014-11-29 10.08.38 2014-11-29 10.09.062014-11-29 10.08.14

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Ferrero Rocher offer a classy Christmas

Ferrero Rocher have released a Christmas themed display which we found in a Tesco Extra, drawing lots of attention.

The gondola end position and additional floor display on the side offer great brand presence whilst the icing on the cake comes in the form of a ‘Christmas tree’ laced with LED lights in every chocolate which flash in an upward-directional succession. Nice.


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Half Time Orange

POS is out in full… everyone wants a bit of the world cup!


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Job well done!


Great execution – A 3D Victory Arch including built in shippers – Impressive getaway in Tesco!


Followed by a mutli-brand dumpbin.

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photo 5

Cadbury’s ‘Sharing’ standee perfect for convenience.

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