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This one’s all the way from the USA but definitely worth a look…

Last Halloween, one ‘mom’ decided to paint a pumpkin teal blue to say that her house was a safe house for kids with food allergies to trick or treat at. It went viral.

Building on this momentum, Safeway created an engaging piece of POS in Illinois. Situated at front of store, shoppers were stopped in their tracks by the familiar teal pumpkins, complemented by education about food allergies and navigation to the confectionary aisle.

Once in aisle, gluten free and peanut free confectionary brands had come together on educational aisle fins, reminding the shoppers of the importance of safe trick or treating. Considering that the rate of peanut allergies have quadrupled since 1997, we couldn’t like this more!



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Spooky Tesco

In response to this year’s demonisation of sugar, Tesco cut confectionary from the checkout aisle. Alas! This Halloween they appear be to working even harder to get those  ££’s back through the tills.

With limited space in convenience, we discovered a jam-packed FSDU at front of store with colour-blocking stopping power using; purple aisle fins, shelf strips and header cards. All working to successfully glue shoppers’ eyes to delicious branded and OL treats on promotion.

Adjacent to the FSDU was a strategically placed spooky wobbly mirror, disrupting shoppers and engaging those selfie addicts – albeit mainly children –  that little bit longer.



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Lindt’s Big Bunny

Holiday seasons provide a great opportunity for brands to activate in store, the only issue is that’s no secret which means that loads of brands are competing for shopper attention, and for an occasion like Easter the challenge becomes how to stand out in a sea of bunnies and eggs?

Answer: make yours bigger! Across the channel in a Carrefour, Lindt harnessed some mega stopping power with the use of a very large ‘Lapin Or’ on top of an equally as large product display. To coincide with this there was a prize promotion that offered you the chance to win a range of goodies, delivering real incentive to not only stop and notice, but to pick up and buy as well. We think this one’s gold.



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M&S and Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day partnership between M&S and Pearl & Dean was a nice idea, offering an experience through a ‘buy one get one free’ promotion on tickets to the cinema when you spend £20 in store.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a good way to hang out in silence, but according to a hot PR stat, 68% of us agree that cinema is an exceptional way to spend time with loved ones.

However, we’re not sure that teaming up with ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ film was the right way to counteract the old-lady-shop brand association. You’d think that when the food on your shelves is out-cooling the clothes on the racks, the brand team might have worked a bit harder in attracting an audience that’s not dying out (sorry).

Either way M&S were the only big supermarket to offer up something a little extra alongside chocolates and flowers this Mother’s Day so we salute you.


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