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Vaseline Honeycomb

This FSDU display is bang on when it comes to stopping power and immediately tells the shopper what they are buying into. The cute honeycomb shape of the display and colour ways bring to life the ingredient used in this limited edition product . The giant branded tin on the top helps build association with a recognised and loved brand. There are also instructions for shoppers to reach inside should the front rows be empty – clever.

A super piece of POS which certainly got us all buzzing here!



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Sure huge barker in Sainsburys

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Sure is currently struggling to get their message across (“Compressed cans are the same as the old ones”) even though it is stated on the cans.

For this reason, Sure has decided to put their message across their SRPs (Shelf Ready Packaging) and put a massive barker in Sainsburys.

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Unilever Multibrands display

Multibrands Unilever display

Very clever way to promote 3 brands in 1 display!
Right at the entrance of the Carrefour store, this multibrand display gives a great opportunity for Unilever to communicate on the new packaging of its 3 brands: Monsavon, Rexona and Dove.
Monsavon, Rexona and Dove In order to promote their new packaging/format deodorant, Unilever

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Gillette Kiss Packs in Boots now

How cool is that!

Currently in Boots stores, we can find the Gillette Kiss packs that we’ve designed!

IMG_4723 IMG_4724

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Navigation in a Bed, Bath and beyond… State-side

Braun G2

Along with great product glorifiers, the price tag also shows the product packaging so that a shopper can easily find the necessary product if away from shelf.

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Down under – Australia


Priceline Australia – Product Testers on the more premium products – as shelf strip inserts for great standout and stopping power.

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Down Under


Priceline Pharmacy utilizing all space instore! Great positioning of brand linked to shelf category products.

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Gillette Movember display

MovemberGillette Movember is now at Tesco. The combination of the “Half Price” and the unique display design definitely made me stop and have a look at the half price Movember products!

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