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Andy Warhol x Absolut Vodka

We are no stranger to limited edition bottles by Absolut Vodka, in fact, they own the territory. But the Andy Warhol inspired bottle they’ve released this time around has shopper enthusiasts stopping, snapping, sharing and no doubt drinking vodka.

The bottle design has been inspired by his original painting which builds the aesthetic for a beautiful in-store narrative. In Asda, shoppers are stopped by the eye-catching FSDU, while the nostalgia of an Andy Warhol quote on the bottle holds them. The deal is of course then sealed by free Warhol inspired cocktail recipes – a must-have for all your artsy-craftsy drinking occasions.

We also spotted a slightly different strategy over in Sainsbury’s where they have incorporated a GWP (gift with purchase) – a limited addition Warhol cocktail shaker. Very (sm)art Absolut, very (sm)art.


photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 IMG_7928

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Budweiser have the Golden Ticket … and Bottle

As part of Budweiser’s shiny new World Cup campaign how can you not notice and just HAVE TO BUY these limited edition Golden Budweiser bottles. The iconic trophy bottle is available to fans and beer drinkers alike in over 40 countries.


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Premix to go!

photo 1

This was interesting because…

A) It’s ‘convenience’ – a small format chiller for those tight spaces

B) It’s a multi brand fixture – lots of different premix drinks in there – Question retailer or brand initiative?

photo 2

We think brand… although awful branding /design leads us to question this!

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Fail or Funny?


Something to make you stop an think, from a while ago now but always worth a second look.  Do we think this is an accident and bad placement or the store being funny/sneaky? You decide!

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Anyone thirsty?


Awesome to see one of our clients making themselves visible in the shops!

Go Wolf Blass!

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