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Of all the wonderful ideas agencies have, not everything can always become a reality. Happily this one did!

What started as a ludicrously unachievable idea put on the table in a brainstorm, today arrives on London’s Southbank for 3 days.

Behold! The world’s first mini Mexican restaurant – celebrating the launch of Old El Paso’s new mini tacos – invites you to stop by and enjoy the taste of Mexico on a tiny scale. It features the delights of mini waiters, mini dishes and (of course) a mini mariachi band. Plus, news that is music to every Londoner’s ears… it’s FREE.

It’s right outside the ITV studios near Waterloo.

Tomorrow 11.30am-7pm and Saturday 11.30am-5pm.
Get yourselves down there.
Bring your kids.
Take a selfie.
Eat some tiny tacos.
Tell the world.




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Marie Claire & Ocado open a store for their brand Fabled.

Moving from online to offline, Marie Claire and Ocado’s brand Fabled launch their new shop on Tottenham Court Walk, London.  Check out a sneaky peak here.


Shopping for new tech with tech

Echochamber have long been a personal source of inspiration for anyone working in the retail and shopper space, showcasing the very best in imaginative retail.

In the hard-working (dirty?) world of FMCG Shopper Marketing it’s not often that we get to leverage any of the inspiring ways to shop that non-FMCG retailers have at their fingertips, but it’s good to be clued up and aware of what’s happening – it’s a fertile testing ground and the good stuff filters through when you work with brave clients with the right brand for the right tech.

Aside from a little fandom, this example from Target Open House (Chicago), is a great example of helping shoppers get to grips with connected devices, using connected devices instore to provide product demonstrations with incredibly straight forward and approachable explanations.


Those of you in the UK can experience a lower tech (but still interesting) equivalent from John Lewis in their Smart Home. Be careful not to take your wallet with you because you could spend serious money with all the temptation on offer…which of course is the point. My personal favourite was the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator which amongst other things shows you what’s in your fridge, how long it will last and enable you to add it straight to your online shopping list. In this space, the tech is allowed to tell it’s own story with printed collateral to explain it’s benefit and let the innovations stand out on their own.


This is all music to our ears – the more technologically comfortable our shoppers become, the more we’ll know about their technological needs, the more retailers will invest in the right tech, and the more brands will be able to make use of it on the path to purchase.



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Tesco PayQwik takes off Nationwide


It looks like it’s been working for them so they’re rolling it out. Payment on mobile is becoming second nature to many these days, so it’s no surprise that Tesco have done well with this especially with the £400 limit to keep those ‘big shops’ coming in.

Do I really want a separate app for separate shops? I’m not personally sure, and only time will tell when other customers jump on board.

Loyalty cards may be flagging, but for now mobile is booming. Check it out here.

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Prime Time at Amazon?


A big question for a big retailer…our very own Rob Sellers took to Campaign to check in on Amazon, Prime and Prime Day:

“Amazon Prime encourages shoppers to sign up (for the cost of £79 a year) to get a raft of benefits ranging from faster delivery time, access to Amazon’s content platforms and online storage.

The first Prime Day ran last year as a celebration of Amazon’s 20th birthday, and was so successful that it looks like it will become an annual event.

But does this PR spin mask the dot com giant’s true priorities, namely driving subscriptions and reducing their exposure to stock levels of their own soon-to-be-obsolete tech products?

Retail and marketing experts will be watching Prime Day closely to see if this is a trend towards deep and drastic retail sales events, such as Black Friday, that prey on shoppers’ fear of missing out.

Flash sales and discounting “moments” will be advertised throughout the day, turning price promotions into a form of entertainment. As Amazon is now one of the western world’s biggest retailers, are we supposed to look at this and apply this thinking to our own retail marketing strategies?”

Read more here

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