Sometimes you come across such a smart piece of promotional activity that you have to put on the kettle, sit down with a cuppa and a Hob Nob and reflect on it for a minute.

Which is exactly what we did for Leon’s ‘Lean & Clean’ promotion anyway.

The promo communicated with their health-conscious target market by creatively placing an offer that couldn’t be ignored on parked bikes near the Chancery Lane restaurant. This, and the unexpected element of ‘free breakfast with your coffee’ (as opposed to the expected ‘coffee with breakfast’) leads us to believe that high redemption and increased footfall of returning customers was a well-received outcome.

And of course throwing in a cheeky little hashtag never goes astray. #LEONBREAKFAST gave people reason to share their delicious “foodshots”, so that’s organic social amplification in the bag.

10/10 for creativity and appeal to target audience!


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