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DAD You’re Gr-r-reat

Last week, in the lead up to Father’s Day, Kellogg’s jumped on the personalisation band wagon with a special-edition pack where they boldly replaced the name of the product (Frosties) with DAD – stopping shoppers in their tracks.

Shoppers were then held by a mashing up of Frosties very own tag line with the occasion – ‘DAD’ You’re Gr-r-reat – and the deal was closed with the supporting price promotion.

That, dear friends, is an example of the STOP, HOLD, CLOSE principles; a good indication of a well-structured piece of shopper marketing, which put Frosties on the menu for dads across the nation.



Big Chill…

Product trial is a fantastic way to encourage sales and we spotted a particularly engaging example in at Marks Work Wearhouse in the U.S.

Mark’s were providing an unusual in-store experience (STOP) that challenged shopper’s to test their winter clothing (HOLD) by stepping into a winter weather simulator (CLOSE).

We scored it highly against our principle of Stop, Hold, Close.



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Garnier BB Summer Skin

Garnier BB’s campaign, endorsed by Holly Willoughby, is based on a refreshingly relevant beauty insight about the natural look trumping a face full of make up  this summer.

With awareness around product benefits brought to life in ATL, we saw a well integrated campaign with the message reinforced through in-store activations. Garnier was able to differentiate from competitors at shelf with further education on how BB cream improves your skin’s appearance and even your morning routine.


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Schwartz owning the BBQ

With all that pressure to be the summer BBQ legend among your friends and family, why wouldn’t a CTA like ‘Flavour your way to the Perfect BBQ’ send the Schwartz range sailing through checkout?

We’re all guilty of pretending our flavours are homemade; but the ease and efficiency of the premix has been known to sway even the most dedicated chefs.

Schwartz has done a damn fine job to capitalise on this I’m-a-sucker-for-convenience attitude by strategically placing their FSDU by ASDA’s meat fridge, driving out of category visibility for the brand with a relevant adjacent range.


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