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Connected Hozelock

At the weekend we spotted some great bespoke display work from Hozelock in Crickelwood’s B&Q. Hozelock’s utilised their iconic brand assets delivering key stopping power, as well as offering navigation via compartments for their SKU’s. We particularly liked how portable it was, allowing it to be moved around the store with ease.

And most cleverly, all clicks and locks connected seamlessly together just like the products themselves!

9/10 Hozelock!


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Lindt’s Big Bunny

Holiday seasons provide a great opportunity for brands to activate in store, the only issue is that’s no secret which means that loads of brands are competing for shopper attention, and for an occasion like Easter the challenge becomes how to stand out in a sea of bunnies and eggs?

Answer: make yours bigger! Across the channel in a Carrefour, Lindt harnessed some mega stopping power with the use of a very large ‘Lapin Or’ on top of an equally as large product display. To coincide with this there was a prize promotion that offered you the chance to win a range of goodies, delivering real incentive to not only stop and notice, but to pick up and buy as well. We think this one’s gold.



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‘Sweeet’ Promotion

Last year the ATL team at Grey London helped raise the McVitie’s core brands sales by 13% with the ‘sweeet’ campaign (view here). The social media chatter and PR coverage showed how much the people loved the ‘sweeet’ ads. They loved the cutsey kittens and wuvverly puppies so much so, they asked for them to be included in pack. So at Grey London and GreyShopper London we thought that it’d be ‘sweeet’ to give them what they wanted.

Therefore McVitie’s offered people a chance to win a fluffy plush version of one of the four animals from their ads. Covering the UK and Republic of Ireland, McVitie’s and GreyShoper London created a 1-in-10 packs win ratio to win one of the 3,521,819 plushs available.

GreyShopper London executed this via a variety of shopper activations; 6 sheets, FSDUs, gondola ends, aisle fins and shelf barkers to name a few.

One of our favourite in store activations was found on twitter via @RetailBarCode in a Simply Fresh in Kenilworth that really delivered on our ‘Stop, Hold, Close’ POS theory. A gondola end that stopped the shopper, the use of wobblers that helped hold the shopper and the feature of the plush toys themselves to truly help close the deal with shopper. This display really brought to life the plush promotion and the overall ‘sweeet’ campaign in store, 10/10 Simply Fresh.

photo 2

photo 2



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