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M&S and Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day partnership between M&S and Pearl & Dean was a nice idea, offering an experience through a ‘buy one get one free’ promotion on tickets to the cinema when you spend £20 in store.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a good way to hang out in silence, but according to a hot PR stat, 68% of us agree that cinema is an exceptional way to spend time with loved ones.

However, we’re not sure that teaming up with ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ film was the right way to counteract the old-lady-shop brand association. You’d think that when the food on your shelves is out-cooling the clothes on the racks, the brand team might have worked a bit harder in attracting an audience that’s not dying out (sorry).

Either way M&S were the only big supermarket to offer up something a little extra alongside chocolates and flowers this Mother’s Day so we salute you.


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VO5 uses fashion and glamour cues to stop shoppers in Superdrug

This particular display dazzled shoppers with flashing lights – the kind you’d find around a dressing room mirror. It created great stopping power using the following strategies:

1)      The use of flashing lights in a dark store environment

2)      Frame working the association people have between styling hair and mirror lights

3)      Providing leaflets guiding shoppers on how to create styles using VO5 products

4)      Unisex appeal – products and solutions provided for men and women

Score: 8 out of 10


Andy Warhol x Absolut Vodka

We are no stranger to limited edition bottles by Absolut Vodka, in fact, they own the territory. But the Andy Warhol inspired bottle they’ve released this time around has shopper enthusiasts stopping, snapping, sharing and no doubt drinking vodka.

The bottle design has been inspired by his original painting which builds the aesthetic for a beautiful in-store narrative. In Asda, shoppers are stopped by the eye-catching FSDU, while the nostalgia of an Andy Warhol quote on the bottle holds them. The deal is of course then sealed by free Warhol inspired cocktail recipes – a must-have for all your artsy-craftsy drinking occasions.

We also spotted a slightly different strategy over in Sainsbury’s where they have incorporated a GWP (gift with purchase) – a limited addition Warhol cocktail shaker. Very (sm)art Absolut, very (sm)art.


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