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Sainsbury’s Online x Valentine’s Day

With the UK workforce spending a weekly average of 43 hours in the office, it’s hardly surprising that non-romantics use it as an excuse for not spoiling their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to Sainsbury’s Online, your lover can no longer let you down. The acute reminders and helpful prompts mean baskets can be effortlessly populated with ingredients to suit romantic-night-in types or those who prefer the classic breakfast in bed. We like this smart, simple, basket filling shopping from Sainsbury’s Online.


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Vaseline Honeycomb

This FSDU display is bang on when it comes to stopping power and immediately tells the shopper what they are buying into. The cute honeycomb shape of the display and colour ways bring to life the ingredient used in this limited edition product . The giant branded tin on the top helps build association with a recognised and loved brand. There are also instructions for shoppers to reach inside should the front rows be empty – clever.

A super piece of POS which certainly got us all buzzing here!



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Persil X Comic Relief

Great use of a charity partnership to deliver shelf stand out. By simply changing the usually blue or green liquid cap to red, and putting a grin on the bottle, it elevates the product from being a boring laundry detergent to a trolley must-have for mums.

A smart, simple win from Persil.



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Candy Kittens

Brain child of McVites heir and star of Made in Chelsea ( a UK reality TV show), Jamie Laing’s Candy Kitten POS product displays work well in multiple pop up store locations across the UK, as well as in the Selfridge’s confectionery aisle last Summer.

The cat shaped FSDU offers a physical manifestation of the brand’s cat shaped logo, smart and sweet, teamed with a set of variant call-out FSDUs that offer coloured navigation of flavours for shopper ease.

This effective disruption has seen a brand seemingly conceived as a joke on a reality TV show has become the number-one confectionery range sold in Selfridges, and is now selling more than 7,000 bags a week in Waitrose.

Discovered on Instagram this shows that you can find in store inspiration from the comfort of your own phone.


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