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A little Spanish Flavour!

Lovely bit of secondary placement from Minute Maid.  Cereal and Orange juice – who would have thought!

Spain POS - Minute Maid Clip Strip

Buy two packs of sweets and get a free t-shirt! Nice and colourful – great stand out!

Spain POS - Lacasitos FSU

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Half Time Orange

POS is out in full… everyone wants a bit of the world cup!


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Delivering that ‘real potato’ feel!

Semi Permanent display from Walkers with the boxes held in sack-cloth for that ‘rustic feel’…


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Premix to go!

photo 1

This was interesting because…

A) It’s ‘convenience’ – a small format chiller for those tight spaces

B) It’s a multi brand fixture – lots of different premix drinks in there – Question retailer or brand initiative?

photo 2

We think brand… although awful branding /design leads us to question this!

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Location, Location, Location

photo 4

Great Rimmel Display! Product displayed beautifully, hero product – mascara on the front.

photo 1

Take away leaflet – for how to get the look!

What’s a shame here is the displays placement – squeezed in-between two permanent displays you miss the designed side panels that help carry the campaign theme.  Thought: Space is of the essence in London so it’s an easy compromise to make and ensure the product is in the right place!


This is not a poster…


It’s actual product crammed into a bus shelter adshell… own brand and branded.

Definitely disruptive on route!

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Fail or Funny?


Something to make you stop an think, from a while ago now but always worth a second look.  Do we think this is an accident and bad placement or the store being funny/sneaky? You decide!

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Go Splash

Go Splash

Hot on the heels of the Robinsons Squash’d launch, Go Splash a new brand was spotted in Boots by the chiller cabinet and placed right by the bottled water. Available in 5 flavours, including “energy” and “low calorie” varieties there was plenty of choice for all. Each bottle provides up to 30 glasses of squash. (Vs. 20 glasses from its competitor Robinsons)

However, it seems you really are paying for convenience as it costs £2.99 a go!

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Sure huge barker in Sainsburys

photo (4)

Sure is currently struggling to get their message across (“Compressed cans are the same as the old ones”) even though it is stated on the cans.

For this reason, Sure has decided to put their message across their SRPs (Shelf Ready Packaging) and put a massive barker in Sainsburys.

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Holland and Barretts we salute you!

One thing we do enjoy as an agency – the improvement of a shopping experience.  And H&B is on top form with their new store design!

photo 4

From the new ‘Scent Station’ – clear, organised and easy to navigate…

photo 2

To select and create your own Oils and Vinegars – personalisation is key here!

photo 4

Through to a market place to select your own dried fruit an nuts!

The experience overall is massively improved from the standard shop.  H&B offer category education, interactive displays that aid navigation for those niche and sometimes high priced items.

We do question the impact on the look and feel of H&B as a brand and the value of the revamp against how/if sales increase but time will tell!

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