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The Bakery Project, Tesco

photo 2(1)

Clever Puns.

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Nestled away at the back of Tesco, Hackney is Tesco’s ‘The Bakery Project’, the idea here is to encourage home baking as well as the training apprentice bakers and support of local suppliers and charities.

photo 5

The feel and layout are reminiscent of an independent bakery and there’s also an opportunity to try before you buy.

photo 5(1)

Baking recipes line the walls which customers can tear off and take home, a great idea that will get people baking and encourage shoppers to purchase the list of ingredients in-store.

photo 3(1)

Alternatively shoppers can browse through a catalogue of cakes which aren’t on display and can be readily ordered from this touchscreen panel.

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Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks Enter Tesco

photo 2

This Tesco store is playing host to some special displays in the form of Coca-Cola’s trademark trucks as featured in their Christmas campaign. Well positioned, parallel to the tills and featuring the slogan ‘I believe in sharing’ this display is reminiscent to some of Carrefour’s more extravagant POS.

IMG_4027 (2)

Another example of Coca-Cola’s Christmas truck in a different Tesco store, this time in a more compact format.

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Products That Go Hand In Hand

Wine & Paracetamol.pptxAn appropriate, if not comical example of incremental visibility, prepare for your night out whilst preparing for the hangover that follows.

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Water Vapour Cooled Veg Display


The veg counter in Morrisons has had a revamp, carrots and cabbage are now kept cool as they are sprayed with water vapour. Beneficial for the products or a visual gimmick?

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Bailey’s POS Display


More drinks POS from Russia, (this time more appropriately positioned) this Bailey’s display takes the form of an enlarged bottle with the products encased inside. Its been done before, but still far more interesting than a generic gondola!

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Mum Can We Get Some Hennessy


Pick up some kinder chocolate bars…and maybe a bottle of Hennessy, poorly positioned gondola at the end of the confectionary/snack aisle in Russia!

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Last Minute Purchase


Last minute purchase: Benefit mascara stand by the self-service checkout, but does this in-store positioning and low price mean shoppers are more likely to pick one up?

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Wilkinson Invades L’Oreal For Men Display

IMG_4008 (2)

It looks like Wilkinson is invading the L’Oreal For Men display! The reason could definitely be the lack of space or because the display is located at the Superdrug store entrance.

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Christmas Gift Boxes

photo 1

As the Christmas Season draws nearer gift boxes are taking centre stage at Boots on Oxford Street. Great positioning at the store entrance for these “Better than 1/2” stocking fillers!

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Spot The Difference


Boots own brand shampoo products are situated next to competitor Head & Shoulders and have almost exactly the same packaging design, poor placement or clever thinking?

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